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Beta version is here!

You can now test our beta version of the site including the brand new game MindNet [read more...]

And let us know what you think!

What is MindNet?

MindNet is a virtual collectible card game that takes you to a future world of politics, intrigue and high-technology where you need to use all your human resources to gain control of the global network.
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February 17, 2011: Beta version is here!
We are launching our site in beta mode so that a selected few can test it and enjoy our first great game of Ultra Cards: MindNet.

Look around, try things out, and let us know what you think!

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What is MindNet?

MindNet is a science-fiction game, set in a future society where the virtual and the real mingle, where nanotechnology and neuroimplants improve human bodies and lives, and where people and androids coexist in mutual dependency. You must fight to obtain control over the Global Network, which is the backbone of all the economic, social and political interactions. You will use the most sophisticated technologies, but will also need deception, politics, intrigue and strategy, to recruit all the human (and android) resources to achieve your goal.

MindNet is an Ultracard Game. This means that it's a virtual game that you can play anywhere and any time by just connecting to our web. You don't need to carry your cards with you and you don't need to go to your local shop in the hope you'll find someone to play with. You can play from your own home and you instantly meet players from all over the world. And it also means it's a collectible card game, where you build your own, unique deck of cards to play with, and design your own strategy combining cards from a growing set of hundreds of unique cards with special abilities.

In a game of MindNet you bring with you a deck of cards representing the people you will hire to work for you and the items and possession they will use, together with events you will make happen to help them out. With these resources and an initial amount of cash (or Credits) you will try and build a virtual empire that govern the world through its command of the Global Network. This network is made up of units called Global Network Elements, or GNEs, called usually Genies. In each of your turns you will send your individuals to interact with those of your opponent in an attempt to distract or demotivate them (or even to kill them) while you accumulate Genies or even steal them from your opponent. Whoever gets hold of 10 GNEs wins the game!

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